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25 Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2022

Social Media's role has become increasingly important in online marketing, hence you as a business owner would need to fully utilized all the potentials in Social Media platforms in order to maximize your marketing ROI (return on investment). Here I tried to call out some of the most important and effective ways to convert visitors to loyal customers.

1- Share user-generated content from your clients and followers.

Keep an eye on tags, hashtags and brand-mentions and share clients' content on your profile. You can use Google Alerts to stay on top of all brand mentions.

2- Hold a giveaway or contest.

Before you begin planning your social media giveaway, figure out why you want to run it. There are a lot of different campaigns to choose from. However, what you select should be based on your campaign objective. You could:

- Increase follower count

- Grow your email list

- Boost brand awareness

- Promote a new product

3- Share a reading list or playlist.

Music and Educational Content are two main elements of most peoples' day to day life nowadays. Add value by helping your followers and clients to find new high-quality songs and books. You can use Spotify and Audible as great sources to do this.

4- Share some wisdom.

One of the great ways to engage with your followers is by sharing thoughtful quotes from the greats with them. Good Reads is a goldmine for finding quotes.

5- Share secrets or hacks.

Make life easier and establish a strong relationship with your client by simply teaching them hacks and tricks to benefit from. There are many Youtube & Tiktok channels that explain useful life hacks which you could reproduce with your own touch.

6- Ask your followers for advice.

By asking your followers' opinion and advice you will both be able to perform a market analysis and engage with a client and strengthen the bond between them and your brand. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and the main 4 platforms to engage with your clients on.

7- Create *tag a friend* content.

An easy way to get more eyes on your social feeds is the mere act of asking.

Tag-a-friend posts are all the rage as they encourage responses from your followers and bring new potential followers into the fold.

8- Poll your audience.

Polls are a great way to invoke your followers to engage with you since it's requires bare minimum effort to participate and people like to be asked about their opinion. Check out this comprehensive article about how to run effective social media polls.

9- Go live on Instagram and Facebook.

Lives are an excellent marketing tool to show your clients you are a human so they feel more comfortable and trusted doing business with you. To promote your Facebook and Instagram Live marketing campaign, you'll want to leverage all of your existing online channels: Your email list. Send a newsletter to your email list twice - once a few days before you go Live, and once right as you're about to go Live - to inform and remind your fans about your upcoming broadcast.

10- Congratulate someone for an achievement.

Congratulation business partners and loyal clients for an achievement not only makes your bond with that particular party stronger, but it would also allow you to express your followers that you care about making long lasting relationships and partnerships which is always a sign of trustworthiness.

11- Introduce your team members.

Scandiweb has a great article on creative ways to introduce your team on social platforms. Studies show the level of trust that a customer towards a business has greatly increases by seeing a brief resume the members of the organization they are going to work with.

12- Partner with another brand.

Co-branding is an incredibly powerful way to market your business on social media. It’s a Win-Win for both brands and often for customers, too. Not only are you able to reach your audience, but you’re able to leverage a partner’s reach and hit their audience too. The impact of being able to bring together two (or more) brands for a campaign will likely have residual effects long after the campaign ends. Firebelly has a great guide on how to successfully collaborate with like minded brands.

13- Jump on trending topics.

Trendjacking is a strategy used by brands in almost every industry and companies ranging from small, local business to large, international corporations. Trendjacking is the practice of jumping in on trending topics, hashtags, events, or memes. Brands and companies can use trendjacking as a means to bring a conversation to their brand or connect with their audience or target audience in a new way.

14- Tease a product drop or upcoming release.

When launching a product – and aiming for maximum impact – a teaser, also known as a pre-launch can be a very effective way of generating curiosity and buzz around your product before the big reveal. This could be as simple as a picture of a part of the new product.

15- Post video testimonials.

Customer testimonial videos are one of the best ways to use videos for promotion. Visitors are 64% more likely to convert after watching a video on your website. And customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating among other forms of content marketing.

16- Upload content outside of business hours.

People browse each social network differently, and businesses may find different days and times work best for them. For example, while Twitter sees tweets perform well at hours like 6 p.m., Instagram sees certain posts perform well as late at 2 a.m..

These aren't your only (or best) times, though. Good post timing depends on the platform you're using, as well as on how your target audience interacts with that platform, the regions and corresponding time zones you're targeting, and your marketing goals (e.g., clickthroughs versus shares).

17- Host an AMA series.

The concept gained popularity on Reddit under the brands AMA or ASK ME ANYTHING, which are trademarks owned by Reddit, and was later adopted by mainstream social networks as a way to transparently engage with an audience; promote new features, updates, and products; and connect with users in real time.

18- Publish high-quality & authentic content.

In competitive B2B marketing landscape, businesses make substantial investments in building content marketing programs.Why? Content marketing has been proven to deliver resounding success. As one of the most effective methods of growing audience engagement, developing your brand presence, and driving sales, content marketing is a mission-critical growth method for most businesses. Search Engine Journal has a great article on how to create high quality content.

19- Create a daily, weekly or monthly series.

Uploading content regularly greatly improves brand engagement with your followers. Having a content calendar is strongly recommended to ensure consistency. Here is a great article on how to create a social media calendar.

20- Reward your most loyal clients.

- Offer discounts for high-spending customers.

- Give away free items with multiple purchases.

- Offer additional products and services at a discount.

- Reward introductions and referrals.

21- Make use of promotional keywords.

Use keywords like “free”, “offers”, “discount”, “giveaways” and “sale” to encourage visitors to engage with your brand.

22- Conduct an interview.

Conducting interviews with other business owners and professionals is a great addition to your social media profile to grow brand awareness.

23- Generate content as Infographics.

Infographics give you something visual and interesting to share with your followers. Not only will this engage them, it also makes them more likely to share your posts with their networks. This significantly boosts your reach and social media presence. Canva is an easy to use tool to create marketing infographics.

24- Make/Use Memes.

Memes are great for improving brand engagement. They help drive page engagement, build a community of audience, and improve branding. Meme marketing can be a great way to promote your brand without coming across as too salesy. They're relatable, cheap to produce, and can increase your brand visibility and engagement. All you need is to follow the latest trends, the latest memes, and understand what your audience finds funny. Imgflp is an easy-to-use, free tool to create memes for your social media page.

25- Connect with influencers.

Influencer marketing employs leading, niche content creators to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive messages to brands' target audiences. It's this collaboration between brands and creators that allows businesses to expand their reach across their buyer personas.


The key ingredient for doing social media marketing well is having a strategy. Without a strategy, you might be posting on social media platforms for the sake of posting. Without understanding what your goals are, who your target audience is, and what they want, it’ll be hard to achieve results on social media. Whether you want to grow your brand through social media or to level up as a social media marketer, developing a social media marketing strategy is essential.

If you need to book a free marketing consultation session with our marketing experts email or click the link below!

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